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Astral Eyes by TheVoid-COTFM

First and foremost, our spiritual freedom is a unified and shared phenomenon. When you understand that the extent of our natural freedom in the physical world resides in our allowance for others to be free, then you will open a window into the nature of the collective mind. Once this unified freedom is understood as the foundation for all societal law, that we initially make laws to protect our freedoms from the blind actions of closed-off minds, the question of freedom can then be directed towards the pursuit of happiness on a more personal level. Here we will examine the goal of every major religion and magical practice throughout the ages… here we shall see with clarity the true value of freedom from thought, and learn to let go not through forced meditations or assigned spiritual dogmatism, but through a new understanding of our web-work of contrasts and correlations.

Define a word… any word. Notice that the word is defined by other words. Only through circular mapping do words begin to make sense. All words map out energies in the physical world. Whether it’s an action, an object, or a descriptive or transitioning force, we use words to map the terrain of experience in a living mandala of thought associations. Words exist only because they say that they do, as a proverbial pointer towards living energy manifestations. Past, present, future, or fantasy, we explore the information of the physical world with this living mandala of energy-laden syllables and sounds. So if words describe our intake of sensations in an abstract level of circular correlations, then how can we take them so seriously that we allow them to drive us to anger, or even INSANITY!?

Words should be like toys to the hungry human mind… or perhaps like tools to those who wish to cause an effect… they are for our amusement and a means to an end. At their best, words can inspire us into actions… and it is the action that matters in the end. What happens when you fall too deeply down the rabbit-hole and begin to sense our unconscious interconnections all-the-while giving too much credence towards words? The empathic and often unsettling information creeping through your subconscious will begin to find an overlay of chatter to echo this new information… and one who obsesses over creating this narration will inevitably wind up personifying new and unsettling characters within their worried little minds. Don’t be like the schizophrenic madman who takes thoughts so seriously that he is provoked into actions by the voices in his head!

So, if you can truly begin to see that words have no true detriment… that experience is real, and words like Heaven and Hell, or God and Satan, are only thought projections with imagined correlations that we should never live for, die for, or KILL for… if you begin to see all inner chatter as inconsequential leaves on a living stream, what will you obtain that is so special then? Could it be that the logical progressions of words, and even the more abstract logical progressions of mathematics, are indeed only the maps of a logically progressing essence of life? When you consider the inevitable inertias in nature, such as gravity accelerating at a constant rate, natural representations of the Golden Spiral, and the 0.8 second muscle contractions inherent in all human beings at the onset of orgasm (and indeed muscle contractions of all sorts when conducted from a state of optimal performance)… when you watch the interplay of micro and macro forces pushing and pulling into spinning and spiraling orbits all the little round bits of creation… does this not yield evidence of an intelligence behind our crude and malleable design?

Many top physicists of today are beginning to believe in a new interpretation of “God” through the evidence and insinuations of their theories and experiments coming to light. Everything is beginning to seem a bit more than random chance subjected to endless entropy. Synchronicity for one, is a trending phenomenon of interconnected associations that begins to defy cause and effect, residing in a personal world of subjective reality. We get a sense that their truly is a Devine Underbelly (and indeed a divine over-belly and inside the belly as well) that swirls with a sense of logical progressions coalescing to the rhythms of a natural flow… we are the essence of this newest and oldest of Gods, coming to life and exploring the self that can never be wrong, the Self existing beyond definition… and this is what you will gain that is so special… the freedom from thought that all spiritual practices desire… you will begin to sense, with your feelings as well as your inner eye, the beauty of flowing intelligence as it describes the nature of creation in an infinite array of wordlessly logical tongues… you will be free to explore the world inside without words like ‘hide’ to hide behind, and maybe you will begin to seek the truth? Come outside of your mental palace and play for a while. It’s time to realize… that YOU are IT! Have a nice day.

This is a warning… this is as difficult a philosophy to accept as is humanly fathomable. Following this train of thought can leave one in a worse place than they started if they cannot reconcile their actions with this simplest of truths! Here lies a tremendous hurdle on the journey into spiritual freedom. Some will have prepared their whole life for this insidious ‘test of faith’, and will have an easier time of it than in the undertaking of previous lessons learned, though many will stop their journey at this very place, and turn towards accepted dogmas or remain spiritually blinded, with this one last obstacle blocking their way to emancipated vision! If you believe in any part of your being that the Devil is real, if you believe that there are entities that truly want to destroy your soul… NOW is the time to disprove this final and greatest lie… NOW is the time to search for the Devil inside!

What kind of person would willingly wander into the darkest of darks? What kind of gibbering idiot would subject themselves to the mercy of Lucifer and his fallen host of angels?! Let me assure you… this person would not be found in the crowds of cowards that cling to a tidy definition of God. Only the brave will embark upon a search for Satan, that old elusive Devil that haunts the darkened corners of our superstitious minds. Cowards will call you a heretic. Cowards will frantically search for any semblance of God, all the while hiding from the shadows of old idioms looming in exaggerated meaning within their frightened minds. Everyone says, “Heaven is safety… God is love… Satan is the enemy… and Hell is a pit of fire!” And you are expected to chime along if this safety and acceptance is what you require. Though the discerning can see that the thought of the Devil will hold you down in fear, and fear is the mind-killer, and the brave will challenge this fear to their very core!

Because we are challenging the dogmatic existence of Satan, this does not mean that we should not believe in spirituality, or the symbolism of duality in its various forms. Even superstitions have a foundation in the deeper reality. Synchronicity can fulfill any superstition if you surrender your power to it while close to your unconscious mind. The bottom line is this… our spirit body is eternal and impervious to lasting detriments of any kind. Our minds and bodies are limitations that can perceive damage and disorder, though our spirit is the everlasting waters of creation. At our core we can dissolve anything and everything while still existing as a point of divine awareness, ready to explore with a sense of freshness that this moving water will always provide. We can build up a sense of self, and that sense can be damaged, though we can dissolve that sensation of a limited and separate being and begin again to create an artistic expression of the limitless in limited form. So at your core, FEAR NOT THE DEVIL!

Satan is forever associated with carnal existence… because symbolically, Satan can only hurt our carnal existence. Satan “The Accuser or Opposition” is whatever force challenges our carnality on a case by case basis, and one could argue that this challenge only serves in our betterment of being. There is no threat to our soul, no eternal trap, no unjust justice! Our ego will perceive danger, and our minds can indulge this perception and play along, though we are still connected to all of life and can dispel this illusion at any time. As far as destructive spirits go, they may exist, though they linger in our thought-forms, destroying only mental information… mental information that can be willingly discarded at any time. If you experience a dark entity, your perceptions might play along with this struggle, though your spirit exists in an everlasting paradox of separation and unity, ready to dissolve and reform with ease.

So, now is the time to go to the Cross-Roads, now is the time to stand in Pentagrams, now is the time to pull your dusty Ouija Boards off of the shelves and call upon the great Lucifer to enhance our lives with wisdom! Look within your mind’s eye and behind every curtain! The only monsters you will find will be the broken elements of humanity that suffer in their own disease ridden madness, often inspired by their very belief in Satan! Do not be afraid… this last stumbling block of fear is merely the corpse of a dead religion rotting beneath your feet, with a snarl frozen upon its ugly face. When you’ve blasphemed against the lifeless gods with all of your rebellious might, only then will you realize that the Multiverse will not smite you! If indeed it wants anything, it wants you to be free… free to express the creative potential generating within all of life. Chase that fucking Devil down and ride him into the dirt! Now is our time to become unified in spiritual freedom, not terrified and separated by one great big nasty festering religious lie! Search for Satan and see what you will find… chase the Devil’s tail slithering within your mind… are you afraid? Have a nice day.

(An explanation of my philosophy and motivating force)

Through all points in history, since the beginnings of communicated time, mankind has been obsessed with one cry, “FREEDOM!” Though freedom from what? Surely it’s not the human being’s greatest wish to feel free to kill and rape each other with only the repercussions of ‘might makes right’ to keep one in line? We all have an inherent freedom of thought that we can lay claim to whenever we realize that our intellectual ideals should have never been set into stone, so a freedom from oppression must be the basis of this call… though the necessary oppression of those who would commit such atrocities as rape and unprovoked murder should seem just to the concerning eye. I once heard it said that the only crime in existence is to steal from one another. To steal one’s life, to steal one’s property, to steal one’s comfort, to steal one’s freedom of choice (the freedom to say no or to walk away), to forcefully take what is not yours through a natural and forthright course of action… and I cannot wholly disagree. While we live under the illusion of separation, we are nothing more than a den of thieves.

I believe there is a more natural and fundamental way of looking at this dire situation. There is one crucial piece of the puzzle that when understood, brings the cry of freedom into its enlightened and noble state. What we have to realize is that we are all unconsciously connected to one another. Indeed, we are all connected to everything in existence, though as humans our commitment to each other must run to the deepest of levels. Think of this unconscious web as an onion surrounding the observer (using such a crude metaphor almost brings a tear to my eye), and the conscious entity we are examining is a human being. With a single human as the core observer, other humans are the innermost layer of the onion, and most relevant to the health of that onion’s core. The next layer would be our closest of social friends, perhaps dogs or cats, and then perhaps the horse or the dolphin proceed thereafter? Some people can bypass the first layer and only seem capable of communicating with the second or third, though this doesn’t change what is most relevant to your health. (It should be noted that this is a social web, and that all of life is equally important) The point here is that as humans, what other humans think and do will hold the greatest bearing over our unconscious wellbeing in this infinite web of life. It is also an interesting conundrum when you include aliens and higher beings into the web-work… perhaps they deserve the higher seat of consciousness (when they do decide to show themselves), though perhaps we should as humans remain skeptical and polite, always keeping our own well-being in the forefront of our minds? Though how can we know for sure that we are indeed connected in this natural and physical life?

It seems to me that a vast majority of people do not actually believe we are unconsciously connected to anything beyond our secluded identity of self… they believe we are truly alone in our minds. Even people who believe in god (either personally, or in whatever context their culture provides) do not seem to believe in this psychic or empathic sort of interconnected state of life. Though this makes no sense, since they almost always believe that their ‘god’ can send them messages and show them signs. So tell me, if there is a god to send you messages when you are in need, and there is a god that can send me messages when I am in need, then could this god not act as a mediator and send messages between us? Indeed God is the medium and the mediator, and we are all connected by the pervading energies of life. Whether you see it as ‘god’ or not, this form of synchronicity, of the outside world synchronizing with your inner mind, is the only proof of the collective unconscious that the Multiverse physically provides. (If you would like to learn more about synchronicity, then I suggest you read my book ‘The Church Of The Free Mind: Anti-Messiah’ or perhaps I will write a small piece at another time)

When you experience a high level of synchronicity (by dwelling closer to your unconscious state of being) you will begin to understand how interconnected to everything (including landscapes and machines) we truly are. Synchronicity is only relevant to the observer, but nonetheless it is our personal proof of interconnected life. So how does this ‘proof’ relate to freedom? To remain healthy, you must first tend to yourself. Though the very next consideration should be to tend to your fellow human beings. Their health is so very integrated with yours, and it is crucial you come to understand this. If you understand that we are all connected, then the crime of ‘stealing’ from a fellow human becomes a form of cannibalism that none of us should ever condone or tolerate. So in short, we are free to do whatever we want, free to think and be anything our heart desires, so long as we are not taking away from the freedoms of our brothers and sisters that share in this creation of life. The only true crime is to take away from the freedoms of another human being, this is the basis of all religion and law… that we cannot steal from others the natural freedoms that are inherent to our life… the freedom to live unmolested, the freedom to own what we have socially and rightfully created or accrued, the freedom to say no and to walk away from conflict, the freedom to think and to do whatever we want so long as it does not take away from the freedoms of another… this is Unified Freedom! It is the core of my philosophy and writings, and it is natural to our interconnected state of being… freedom from a spiritually connected point of view. If you become happy and healthy, then I will benefit from it… the world will benefit from it! In order to be free, you have to set others free and respect their freedom! Have a nice day.

(This is the opening chapter from my book 'The Church Of The Free Mind: Anti-Messiah', uploaded for free on WALPURGISNACHT 2014!!! Buy it @ or choose from many other online retailers)

1. A Prologue For Multipantheism

This is how it ends. You have been fed ancient and withering ideals since your birth. You have been warned to play along. They say that the great books have already been written, that the play is set in motion, and perhaps you will have an important part. Learn your lines and follow the script (their scriptures)… and you think, “Why not?” since this is the status quo. They say that the majority rules, that we have free will and democracy, and we should all feel happy with the way the story is unfolding. Heaven is waiting for the humble and the low. You feel the lie in your heart as you gaze towards your feet and shuffle in line. You know that the few rule. You know you’re unhappy with the part they’ve assigned to you. The script is boring and predictable, laced with poison and ignorance that should be insulting to your artistic sensibilities. The important parts have been cast by men of “great breeding” (heiresses and trust-fund whelps), and when you walk onto their luxurious stages, you are an extra… nothing more than a prop or a red-shirt, expected to die if you’re noticed at all!


   If you have opened this book then you probably want something more than the status quo… perhaps a new script and permission to expound upon it with a sense of free will and artistry? You will be damned by the croaking old voices of the “saintly and sane” ruling class, even while we watch the grand curtain fall on their uninspired and poorly acted parody of fear-driven wordplay and spiritual tidings. The great author Jehovah has been driven away by the hisses and boos of the dissatisfied and the bored. The cast has been pelted with the rotten food given to us as our worthy portion. Look around you… the great pageantry is over and the old scriptures are kindling the flames for the final act, a vast and burning ignorant Hell! And now we exit stage left and peer into the void as we search for a new direction and an outlet for our aching and abused sense of self worth. This is how the old world will end. This is how the new world will begin. Do you feel the stage-fright as you stare into the beautiful and mysterious stage-sets now spreading endlessly before your newly opened eyes? The first step is hard to take alone. I can show you paths that will broaden your horizons…


   And why should you listen… who is this madman with a voice echoing from the dark abyss? Though perhaps the “who” is not as important as the why? Why do we long to understand each other? Why do we go onwards in life? We have a need in this modern era to free our minds from bigotry and greed. We have a need to share our information and to find our bliss. We have become too powerful to ignore. I have excluded certain identifying information in regards to myself and other mentioned entities in examples throughout the following, as I believe that the information herein should not be swayed from the perceptions of the now. This book was given by legions upon legions to those who would spy upon the world! This is our journey through the thoughts of the people all around us, not an index book full of rigid forms and standards… let me show you a point of view that begins to move beyond explanation.


   This is a world of Urban Shamanism. Here we do not hide in caves and deep jungles rubbing mud upon our empathetic wounds. Here we live in the trenches of societal idealisms and accepted illusions, ready to battle the ignorance of defined thought! To learn to travel like water through our manmade chaos and sooth it into a more cohesive and artistic form… this is the quest of the modern day warrior. I believe that I am uniquely qualified to be your guide through the more ambiguous parts of our collective lives. I have had many visions, out-of-body experiences (OOBEs), and encounters with the supernatural, and I have measured the world with an artistic license and an open mind free from dogma and religious fear. To Hell with acceptance and assumption, to Hell with fearful people trying to analyze structured thought… this is an account of firsthand information with an attempt to view our extrasensory experience from multiple avenues of explanation. My past is of little consequence, though here is a tiny window into my soul:


   I have studied Fine Art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Poetry and Philosophy at a low level college in San Leandro, and various energy-running practices at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, all while coming of age in the Bay Area of California, though my own personal studies I feel have enriched my life far beyond the spectrum of academic arts. The convoluted mainstream could not satisfy my cravings for clear water, so in my later years I began to devour all manner of magical texts and religious doctrine… and this is where my true education begins. I have dropped out of mainstream society to explore the forbidden secrets and bring the world back something new… a variation of the never-ending desire to live… a piece of universal history infused with renewing waters… a reflection of the thoughts that are allowing our collective to grow healthy and strong. This is a mosaic of human intelligence gathered from the people around me, and a testament to our potential as artistic conduits of the one true source of life. All creative powers exist around, within, and beyond our perceptions… they are a part of us… as I am a part of you. I will be your guide… let me take you for a look inside… let us heal our ancient wounds!


   It is time to overcome the unnatural fears ingrained within us by our superstitious ancestors and those who wish to keep us under their control. What is there truly to remain afraid of besides our physical peril and the peril of those whom we rely upon (or who might rely upon us)? Do you fear some man-made and outdated spiritual law? Do you fear within you the idea that there are some thoughts which are forbidden? Truly the mind is the place to explore all things and the world is the place to use your discretion. All things previously forbidden and all dark corners of consciousness shall be revealed! Our primal darkness will add to our knowledge when explored thoroughly and brought to its logical conclusion. No religion shall forbid that we come to understand ourselves and the nature of the Multiverse around us. No dogma will keep us safe from the unknown; only through the experience of trial and error shall we better protect ourselves and our inner well being… and we will only succeed through courage and self-perpetuating might!


   I do not believe in a philosophy that saves… I believe in a philosophy that lives and fights for freedom at all cost. The foundation of the following rests in the knowledge and application of a spiritually unified freedom and understanding towards our place in the nature of creation. I believe in the truth of the happenings of life in polar comparison with the illusions of thought… the truth that is and the thought that is not. Our church is physical existence… our altar the rocks on mountain tops… our God is the action of primal force… and our illusion is the mind. We are illusions becoming organic. We are the combination of polar opposites on every level and in every way.


   You will learn to understand true freedom when you have allowed yourself to seek out your happiness while at the same time respecting and protecting the freedoms of the ones you love. We are dedicated to protecting the freedom of the individual so long as that freedom does not take away from the freedom of the whole. We are not free to restrict others without just cause. This is the highest ideal of manmade law. Dogma is no just cause! We should decide as individuals between right and wrong and refrain from giving too much power to the select few who we allow to govern over us. We should place our judgments as if they were upon ourselves as we try to understand what exists before our very eyes! We expect freedom inasmuch as we let each other be free. Unified freedom should be the reason behind the formation of every manmade law.


   We should strive to represent the truth of life as it happens, not set our ideals in stone. Nothing could have possibly happened without being imprinted upon the energy of the life all around us. Time becomes meaningless next to the raw experience of existence… the actual energies involved in a said event will make each point in time unique and beyond our ability to perfectly judge. Immutable law is manmade and does not exist in nature, be it mandated by state or by priesthood. Perhaps we could believe in the possibility of accessing multi-spiritual memory instead of clinging to a biased interpretation of past events? Perhaps we could access any point in time and watch a happening from any point of view that we desire if we are looking with perfectly free and divinely open eyes? In any case, with our current level of understanding there is no event that we can perfectly judge.


   What does it mean to believe that you can look past the energies of our current physical existence? What does it mean to believe that there are limits to what we now know? Perhaps it means that we are more magical than we are willing to admit? Truth be told, words seem to be wholly inadequate when describing our spiritual or “extra sensory” experiences in life. Let us try to find a philosophical term that best defines our existence without falling upon the need for an unknown quantity or a proper noun… here is an exercise in defining the indefinable:


Pantheism – The belief that God is the universe.


Panentheism – The belief that the universe is a part of God, but that God is more than the universe.


Multiverse – The belief that other universes besides our own exist simultaneously, also called multiple realities, alternate planes, otherworldly happenings, parallel worlds, etc.


   While you can argue that pantheism is the universe and all of the forces working within it, therefore the definition should include the experience of alternate realities and such… the truth is that people never really use the word “universe” in this way. We should not settle upon a word that can be misconstrued so easily (people assuming that you are only talking about the physical manifestation of the universe).


   While panentheism seems to fix this problem by stating that God is more than the universe, people could misconstrue this by assuming that God is an anthropomorphic being or an unknowable force existing outside of knowable life. This term is too vague and “mysterious” to use as a religious term in this era. It can fix us as separate from God and doom us to except our ignorance and avoid trying to improve our understanding of the forces conspiring within our infinite reality.


Multipantheism – The belief that God is the multiverse (that would include our universe and every other universe and form of reality imaginable). This is what I am leaning towards when asked for a philosophical term, a word that almost makes sense.


Multipanentheism – This would appear to be a redundant theme, saying that God is more than just this universe twice, plus the vague “unknowable” factor still exists. You know everything you experience… to say that you can’t experience something doesn’t make sense. God is all of existence, everything that is… how could it live in a place beyond existence or experience? God exists, doesn’t that equate as an experience? You exist, and by definition existence is something experienced. Placing God beyond our realm of experience is a redundant thought; it is like saying that nowhere exists somewhere when by definition it does not. Saying that God is the multiverse and more is redundant since the multiverse should cover all possible realities. God is the Multiverse… all inclusive… there is no traditional or separate entity of God.


   The word “multipantheistic” is sometimes used to describe the belief in more than one God, not the belief in God being more than one reality. I am not strictly multipantheistic… I believe that many creatures could hold a vast amount of creative power and exist far beyond our current understanding of reality, call them Demi-Gods if you will. I am a Multipantheist… I believe that God is everything possible, therefore God is a redundant and useless word! I think this distinction should be made, that God is the Multiverse, but the Multiverse is more than any traditional interpretation or definition of God. We should do away with one word or the other, and the word God has been poisoned by zealots, unimaginative sages, and tricksters, not to mention in-and-of itself it lacks true meaning. At least the word Multiverse is definable… it is Omni-present and Omni-potent… and it is open to include every interpretation of God imaginable. I believe that the idea of one God that is fixed as separate from us is both frightening and harmful to our natural design. I find the belief in multiple realities to be much more enlightening than a rigid ideal of a Deity when introduced to a searching mind. I would like to point out that if the Hebrew Jehovah created our Earth, then he should be considered a Demi-God as he seems to be an entity with a personality and a chosen form (male with white hair and a beard seeking a perfect son), and thus he has limitations. I would also thank him for this nice planet to live on for a while.


   I find that many words and terms can be interchangeable when describing paranormal phenomena with our limited language and experience. The collective unconscious is very similar to the astral plane, the spirit realm, the psychic reality, the dream world, etc. It is an image of our being alive beyond the knowledge of this 3rd dimensional universe… being alive in the Multiverse… the consciousness of all beings combined (combining).


   The subconscious is a blending between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind, there seems to be no better definition for this. The closer you get to your unconscious the more conscious of it you will become. Subconscious is the communication (communion) from here to there… the shallow end of the pool.


   The dream world can be a personal experience, or it can be accessed through various images that pass by in your mind’s eye while traveling the imaginative realms of our collective selves. It seems to exist on a plane of its own, though when you’re conscious of the dream world you can influence those images with your thoughts and desires. In the astral realm, a dream is much like a close-up upon a certain area of thought containing 3rd dimensional sensations in which an ability for you to bend the rules exists. If you are looking at the workings of your mind, then you will see the various windows leading into various dream scenarios that you might find your way into. Many forces help to create these windows, including your own personality and desires.


   The Dream Body should be viewed in the same way as your astral body, your energy body, your unconscious self, your second self, your spirit body, your imagined body, your holographic projection, your connected mind, your third eye, your mind’s eye, etc. It is the part of you that travels through the life existing beyond this physical universe.


Magic – 1) The art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects, or forces by invoking the supernatural 2) Possessing distinctive qualities that produce unaccountable or baffling effects 3) Controlling forces beyond our understanding in order to affect the material world of physical existence


Supernatural – Of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal


Esoteric – Understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. Similar to abstruse, arcane, cryptic, enigmatic, etc.


Cognoscente – A person with special knowledge


Magic Spell – A curse or bewitchment… causing the forces at work in the astral realms to conform to your desires and manifest results in the 3rd dimensional world. These forces cannot yet be explained by science, which is why we consider them magical in nature


Magician – The same as a sorcerer/sorceress, a witch, a witch doctor, a shaman, a psychic, a prophet, a spiritual healer, an illusionist, or anyone purported to have control over various forces beyond our physical realm


Malediction – A magical word or phrase uttered with the intention of bringing about evil or destruction; a curse


Oneiric – Pertaining to, similar to, or suggestive of dreams


Eldritch – Unearthly; weird; eerie


Numinous – Of or pertaining to numen; supernatural; inspiring awe and reverence; spiritual


Numen – Divine power or spirit; deity


Jnana – Absolute insight acquired through study


Diatribe – A bitter verbal attack


Language is not quite adequate when we can’t agree on the feelings behind our definitions.


   All words aside, it is time to become spiritual warriors of the highest cause. That cause will always be summed up in one word… FREEDOM! To add to the strength of our collective, you have only to think, talk or write about your desire for freedom and to relate any new or unusual information you have acquired through the experience of life with an open-minded and dogmatically free point of view. When you view any event while being free from comparing it to previous events and information, then you have added to the spirit of the freedom of thought, you have considered the truth of the event and have given the Multiverse your unique point of view unclouded by your mind’s illusion-creating intellect. When you reflect upon your moments of knowledge, then the illusions of life will worm their way back inside. The difference between living in your imagination and learning to understand freedom is that you can do one in blissful ignorance, though the other requires that you see things for what they truly are while defying the insistence of popular thought. Nature, the Multiverse, and God inside and out are one and the same. God says, “I AM.” with an infinite variety of mouths… who will listen?


   To examine the universe using the freedom of many viewpoints will give us more information and understanding than restricting our views on the said subject to a limited few. This is an obvious truth... the more points of view on a subject the more information we acquire. The opposite of freedom is confinement… thoughts are the essence of confinement. Don’t be confined by definitions… be limited and defined by free will, a paradox in truth. Ignorance is our pain, though pain points us towards the correct path as we strive to turn away from our ignorance. If taking the fruit of knowledge from a snake was forbidden, then it was also the only logical thing to do… humans will always be lured by the forbidden, humans need a mystery to solve to keep them interested in life. Tell the woman that she was right by offering her man a taste of “Godly” fruit. Tell the Multiverse that men want the sin of knowledge and the beauty of uncertainty within their hearts! Learn to value a woman inasmuch as you value a man or a god! We are all wearing one limited face in the endless potential of ever-changing expressions. It is our destiny to learn of the “magic” permeating throughout the Multiverse within and around our bodies and minds… to learn to live and coexist with the hidden forces of nature, including those forces which we have yet to understand… the spiritual forces that are the undercurrent of all existence and thought.


   I am Anti-Messiah. For me, Anti-Messiah means choosing to be against the idea that one man can effectively save us from ourselves… I am against the idea that a Messiah can or will exist! Anti-Messiah does not mean what we might commonly consider Anti-Christ to mean… Anti-Messiah means you are against the idea that one man can save the whole of humanity. It will take many people to save us as we spread out far through the world. People can only be credited for “saving” multitudes by a trickling down of concepts. The ones that truly save us are the ones that calm down our insecurities and our fears; the ones that slay our ignorance with a flaming sword! The trickling effect will take hold of people by proximity, the feelings of the strong and worthy catalysts growing around them and helping people to begin to help others live free and healthy lives. The whole chain of information and self-contentment permeating through existence might just lead to a man in a high security office deciding not to press a shiny red button that sets off a chain of events that could destroy the world!


   You never really save someone directly, we are never truly “safe”, but you can help to save the world by making people feel like the free and healthy beings that we were meant to be. We must challenge unnecessary authority and fight for our freedom and life! To allow each other freedom will require a “leap of faith”, not in some jealous god, but in our fellow man. We must learn to trust each other with our sacred ideals as we depersonalize the religious dogmas around us. Have courage and fight for your sense of right!


   One key in understanding what humans have considered as magical or religious knowledge is in understanding the symbols that we have used to raise ourselves out of the mud and muck as we first decided to reflect upon and evaluate the essence of life. Symbols of light and darkness, of health and decay, of masculine and feminine, of order and chaos, and of all primal forces, have been the foundations for spiritual thinking and have held meaning for human beings as far back as any proof of our existence can reach. These symbols are understandable to every human regardless of their race or creed, they are the archetypes of our understanding and the cornerstones of our communication through pictures and words… we shall examine some of these archetypes and learn to free ourselves from their power over us through understanding that they are just another way of communicating or comparing ideals which are illusions made by our minds, not absolute truths. Symbols for animals, symbols for Gods, symbols for sex, and symbols for death, etc. have been scrawled upon cave walls from times before written language, and even today we can look at them and understand them. Why was there a need for this in the first place? We will examine this question as well.


   To see and to understand is to overcome unnecessary fear, so in this book I will attempt to shed some light upon how to open your inner eye and see without fear. This is not a book for the common life and the everyday mindset. This is a journey into the forbidden! We will start with the heretically mundane and move on to a basic symbolic knowledge. Our blasphemous goal will gear towards a removal of the value of common thinking in order to see our energies more clearly within our inner eye. We will examine thinking with intentions in order to feel internal life, the necessities of balance and duality, and the courage it takes to be free in an ever-changing Multiverse.


   We will always be thinking… but what you will think about thinking might begin to change. Our enemies are the ideals that damned us with forbidden places in their short sighted attempts to control and define our complex natures. We will battle idealistic ignorance using its own illusions against it! I will show tendencies towards examining the darkness of our collective past (and our collective present) and I will relish in choosing unpopular positions of thought in order to help rebalance our natural and spiritual collective futures. This is an anti-religion of real living, a human religion of the exploration into what was once considered to be divine, but what I believe will eventually become a part of our everyday lives. This is not a religion at all, but a reclaiming of the magic of actuality. The time has come for a change in consciousness… the time has come to join THE CHURCH OF THE FREE MIND and protect the freedoms of your fellow man. If you do not believe in magic then open up to the forces of the unknown. If you do not believe in spirit then open up your third eye. The great vistas of the Multiverse are awaiting you. We are the explorers of the final frontier spinning logic into rhythmic sound. Taste the forbidden parts of your mind… it is natural and beautiful on the other side. Let me show you what I have found inside of me. It is time to seek out your pleasure and health, and to free your will and try to survive while seeing with a new level of inner clarity! Are you ready to believe? Have a nice day.…

So, deviantART deleted 2 of my submissions as pornographic (23. Beautiful Brutal Truth & 24. Paranormal Phenomena). Pornographic:  the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal. My pictures are spiritually symbolic, edgy, cartoonish, and definitely not sexually arousing. Pornography: obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit. I have seen photographs of genitalia on deviantART which lack in creativity and artistic merit, though who is to judge artistic merit? I believe that anything with a symbolically rich character should be considered to have artistic merit despite one's personal tastes and/or socially inoculated moral views.

It appears someone has complained about these drawings, drawings that I posted to my personal page as Mature Content. I did not push these drawings on anyone. Someone was trolling my page and decided to take actions against me for what they chose to look at. They could have easily clicked away and left me to me own little corner of existence... as small as it is, but they decided to be proactive in limiting the freedoms of a fellow human being. This is the world we live in, where we look into other people and then complain about what we see.

I would like to add that these drawings are in my philosophy book published by iUniverse, and iUniverse has a policy against publishing pornographic material. The first few chapters are on as a free preview, illustrations included! So, what's with 'deviant' ART's squeamish nature on my behalf? I uploaded these pictures at, and I provided links in a journal entry, but deviantART deleted that as well! They gotta protect your poor helpless eyeballs from my truly deviant nature! So as of now, I am a CENSORED artist. If you're interested in viewing these pictures, and you can't find them on photobucket (I tried searching them and they don't come up), then you're gonna have to buy my book! It's over 400 pages of philosophy, poetry, and art... and trust me, it's well worth the money.

I am providing a link to my book on, though deviantART might delete this post as well, because you might accidentally click on the link, buy my book, open it in the privacy of your own home, and see these 'pornographic' pictures! Who knows what will happen then!?!…

Have a nice day.


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I enjoy poetry, art, and philosophy, and I recently wrote a book including the three.… In the 90's I created a hexagonal chess game and I enjoy other forms of creativity, such as sculpting, music, and pretending to make babies. My tastes tend towards dark humor and the obscure.


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